Can Techno-Fab save you money? See for yourself.

Answer 4 quick questions, then click on “compute” to find out how much you can save annually

1. What do you currently use to tie up your ladder?
2. How new are your ladder racks?
3. Number of manipulations a day*.
4. Number of trucks you operate.


And imagine cashing in on the benefits of using Techno-Fab:

  • Increased safety, resulting in far fewer injuries
  • More room on your truck
  • Better corporate image
  • Satisfied employees
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* A manipulation is each time you lower or lift your ladder. Each service call requires at least two manipulations. A typical day is 5 service calls, or 10 manipulations.
** Estimate based on average usage for an average ladder rack, using an hourly cost of $120 per truck and technician.
*** Based on a Techno-Fab mechanic lock.