Durable Ladder Racks

Contractors need durable ladder racks to handle heavy use: strong, long-lasting, easy to use and maintain and, above all, efficient and time-saving.

With 5 product lines and more than 700 SKUs, Techno-Fab is sure to have products that fit your truck and your needs. Find which one is best for you with our Product Selector.

But we went further and designed a line specifically for contractors. Techno-Force Products are the best utility racks on the market: lightweight, strong and easy to use.

Techno-Fab products are sold and installed by our partners all across North America and Europe. Find the one nearest you with our Dealer Locator.

How much can the Techno-Fab Industrial Ladder Rack Productivity System really save you? Use our 3-step Saving Calculator to see for yourself.

''I would like to thank the Techno-Fab team for the help in the purchasing of ladder racks parts. Further, Automod, your dealer has beeen really kind.''

Richard Babin
EMI Montréal