Privacy Policy

Techno-Fab 9000 Inc. (Techno-Fab) makes it a priority to protect consumer privacy. We comply with all privacy laws and anti-spam legislation in place in Canada. All personal information is treated in a manner that respects privacy. This document represents our commitment towards protecting consumers’ personal information and explains how consumers can learn more about our privacy protection measures.

Policy Statement

We are committed to protecting the privacy of consumers. Users of the website voluntarily give personal information when filling out our forms, which will enable them to contact us. We are committed to never disclose a user’s personal information. The data we collect is that which is needed to follow up on a file. Information that you may be asked to provide remains confidential and is treated as such.

Why Collect Personal Information

In general, the personal data we collect includes: name, telephone number, email address, the city in which the user lives and the vehicle he uses. We collect personal information to reach the following main objectives: provide good products, forward information on specific products, refer to the nearest retailer, and follow-up on consumer files.

Commercial Communications

We will never communicate with an end user to inform him about our products, services and promotions, except to answer a question, address a comment or forward information requested by the end user. In addition, we comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. We do not sell, share or exchange any personal information with other companies or third parties.

Website Confidentiality

In some instances, our website may use cookies. Like most commercial website owners, we use cookies to aggregate data. Cookies do not record a user’s personal information and are not a means of communicating with the user; they do not extract any information from the user’s computer. Cookies are simply the best way to provide a more enjoyable, trouble-free online experience.

Our website does not in any way target minors.

Our Commitment on the Protection of Your Personal Information

We take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, copying, collection, use, disclosure, modification, unauthorized disposal or destruction of your personal data. We carefully select our service providers, and establish effective working relationships with them as to maintain reasonable privacy protection measures.

For More Information

Please contact our Privacy Officer for more information regarding this policy or Techno-Fab’s practices with respect to consumer privacy, or regarding a request for access to personal information, in accordance with applicable privacy legislation, or to file a privacy-related complaint.

Contact Techno-Fab’s Privacy Officer:

Techno-Fab 9000 Inc.
C/o Privacy Officer
8600 Émilien-Letarte Avenue
Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec J2R 0A3