Techno-Fab is proud to offer you the RackXpress program. With the satisfaction of our customers in mind, we have set up a unique program: without any additional cost, we guarantee that all RackXpress Products will be ready for shipment within 24 hours of confirmation of your order. We have selcted our most popular products to make it easier for you. No more time to waste thanks to the RackXpess program!
  • One-of-a-kind program
  • For orders from 1 to 5 units
  • Orders must be confirmed by our customer service by noon ET
  • For any questions about the lead times for orders of more than 5 ladders racks, you can contact our customer service who will be pleased to answer you!
  • For products not included in the program, a period of three (3) business days is normally provided for five (5) units or less.

Note: Program available only in Canada

Available products in RackXpress program 

  • TS-59-UNI ⇒ Universal Side Mounted Rack
  • TE-33-SPM ⇒ Double Drop Down for Sprinter Medium Wheelbase
  • TE-33-SPL ⇒ Double Drop Down for Sprinter Long Wheelbase
  • TE-33-SPX ⇒ Double Drop Down for Sprinter Extended
  • TE-33-SP ⇒ Double Drop Down for Sprinter Without Rail
  • TE-33-PMM ⇒ Double Drop Down for Promaster Short & Medium Wheelbase
  • TE-33-PML ⇒ Double Drop Down for Promaster Long Wheelbase
  • TE-33-NH ⇒ Double Drop Down for Nissan NV High Roof
  • TE-33-NL ⇒ Double Drop Down for Nissan NV Low Roof
  • TE-33-TRM ⇒ Double Drop Down for Transit Medium Wheelbase
  • TE-33-TRL ⇒ Double Drop Down for Transit Long Wheelbase & Extended
  • TW-21-TRM ⇒ Clamp Down 2500 Series for 6'-8' Stepladder & Ladder Transit Medium
  • TW-21-TRL ⇒ Clamp Down 2500 Series for 6,-8' Stepladder & Ladder Savana, Express & E-Serie
  • TF-15-FJU ⇒ Base rack for LEER, Jason & ARE